Custom KeyFob Covers

Invest and Protect

Are you looking for a great new way to promote your dealership? CoverMyFob.com has the answer you’re looking for! Custom key fob covers are a cost-effective way to extend your branding in a way your customers are sure to appreciate.

What’s so great about fob covers? From a customer’s perspective they help protect an expensive fob if it gets dropped. We’ve all dropped our keys on occasion. Usually it’s no big deal. But you know what happens on that occasion when a plastic fob hits a hard floor. When they do break, you’re liable to have an upset customer when they discover the cost of a replacement fob.

Our silicone fob covers are a low cost way to prevent that. You get happier customers. And you know what that means – happy customer = repeat customer!

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So what’s in it for you?

We can print your dealer logo onto the fob covers, giving your customer that extra little top-of-mind reminder every time they use their key. It’s a great reminder of where to go the next time they’re in the market.

We offer a full range of colorful covers, custom made to fit virtually any make or model on the market. From Abarth to Volvo, and virtually every brand in between, we offer a custom fob cover that’s sure to fit. We can print your choice of the marque or the dealership/group name on each fob.

At CoverMyFob.com, we use only top quality silicone for our fob covers. We carefully inspect each one before we ship it to you. We also back everything we sell with our 100% Quality Guarantee.

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